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About Us

About Fresca Milk

Fresca Milk is a name to reckon with in today's dairy manufacturing industry in India.

A company that associates itself with quality and latest technology, Sterling Agro Industries Ltd has been marketing high quality dairy products under its brand "Fresca", which today has become a trusted name among dairy products.

Buy pure. Be sure.

Adulteration in the dairy industry is not a new phenomenon. Given the largely unorganised nature of the industry, local dairies often add water and additives to milk and other dairy products to increase yield. In conjunction with that, cows and buffaloes are often given steroids that increase production of milk but affect the quality of the final product, often leading to the product being harmful rather than beneficial.

That's why these are the key aspects you should consider before buying milk and dairy products:

What is the source of the products you're consuming?
Have there been any additives mixed with the product?
How healthy and safe is it for you and your family?
What is the method of packaging and delivery followed?
Have the rules and regulations for safety and standard been upheld?

You will find that Fresca Milk from the house of Sterling Agro Industries Ltd. answers all the questions above, putting your mind at ease. Read more about the brand in the About Us section.

The Fresca story

Our Story

Mr. Harshit Gupta, a young and passionate entrepreneur born into a business family took stock of the market dynamics in the dairy industry through extensive research and consumer feedback, thereafter deciding to plunge into the world of dairy products. His inspiration came from his father, Mr. Narendra Gupta who is a veteran businessman with an extensive experience spanning over 25 years.

Mr. Narendra Gupta, started and expanded his business into distribution, cattle feed and hospitality. Fresca Milk is a new vertical that's going to take fresh, pure and healthy milk and dairy products to every consumer.

The automated state-of-the-art processing plant ensures that there's no human interference in the processing and packaging of the products, thereby giving an assurance of purity and quality. Milk at the facility is sourced from the finest cows and is produced without any unnatural additives to boost

Our Mission

About our Mission

At Fresca Milk, the vision of the company is to get every consumer access to pure milk and dairy products. Hence, armed with conviction and the latest equipment, along with the finest product sources, the company has set out on the mission to get people used to the idea of complete purity and ultimate quality.


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